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City of Bloomfield Hills Seller

We got to know Kathy as a selling agent when we bought our house five years ago. Kathy impressed us by her energy, professional attitude, and business acumen. When we started planning to sell our house, it was clear to us. We must have Kathy!
As expected, Kathy reacted quickly, she and her fabulous team had actions going already a few days after we contacted her. During the whole process, she exceeded our expectations. We were amazed by her network, understanding of the local market and family-oriented working style. We were especially impressed by Kathy’s awesome ability to read a difficult and dynamic market and give great advice. She was a perfect partner through the whole sales process, guiding us to make the right decisions at the
right time. If we would sell a house again, we would absolutely go with Kathy, it’s hard to believe that anybody can find a better agent with such an awesome team.
Thank you, Kathy!

Ninna & Pelle