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Five Ways To Winterize Your Home

It’s important to protect your home through the chilly months. Winterizing is a relatively inexpensive task that not only keeps your home warmer but saves money on energy bills too!

  1. Defend Against Drafts
    Weather-strip and insulate your doors, windows and attic. Install storm doors and windows to improve heating efficiency up to 45%. You can also invest in a window insulator kit to eliminate drafts for a quick and easy fix.
  2. Tame Your Temperature
    For every degree you lower the temperature in your home you lower your heating bill by 1-3%. You can also decrease the temperature of your hot water tank from 140° to 120° to reduce heating costs by 6-10%
  3. Service Your Furnace
    Having your furnace serviced can reduce heating costs up to 5%. Change your furnace filters regularly to increase air flow throughout your home.
  4. Don’t Forget the Sprinkler Systems
    Your sprinkler lines must be drained or blown out using an air compressor before the first hard freeze. A hard freeze is when the outdoor air dips below 0°F.
  5. Hire Professional Services
    Not sure exactly what your home needs? There are multiple companies who will winterize your home for you. Before you hire them, check for online reviews. Reinforce your roof, insulate pipes, inspect your chimney, prune your trees and install wind-proofing materials.