Royal Oak: City of Trees

The City of Royal Oak is a prime location, a halfway point between Pontiac and Detroit. Similar to Birmingham, Royal Oak still maintains the small town appeal, while providing a metropolitan status. Known as the “City of Trees” the landscape of Royal Oak is covered with them. To preserve Royal Oak’s tree coverage legacy, the city installed a tree planting program for residences to replace trees that are lost over time. Most of all, Royal Oak is proud to have a diverse population, promoting a nurturing and neighborly welcome to newcomers.

All year round, the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market is a cultural destination hotspot. On Saturdays, the market hosts local Michigan farmers who sell in season produce. Sundays, the market becomes a flea market that hosts one hundred vendors selling collectibles, trinkets, crafts, and antiques. The Royal Oak Farmer’s Market is the main venue for cultural events like Rib Fest, Food Truck Rallies and Arts, Beats & Eats. In 2009, Arts, Beats, & Eats was originally held in Pontiac, but a year later was moved to Royal Oak. This event celebrates the quality of life of Oakland County, where artist, musicians and food exhibits from the Metro Detroit area display their cultural passions. For four days, Royal Oak is swarmed with thousands of people, where the event is stretched around the downtown area. Families will witness a variety of concerts, art booths and food vendors. From September 1st to 4th, The 20th Annual, Arts, Beats & Eats will be coming to town. A destination for nightlife, there are plenty of restaurants on Main Street and Washington Ave to enjoy.

The Emagine Theater is a popular place to meet for a movie, dinner or bowling. If you are into a good old fashioned stand up comedy, The Comedy Castle is a classic comedy club. Royal Oak is still growing; it is evident by the fact that property values are gradually increasing year by year!

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